Senno is the Blockchain’s first sentiment analysis platform with an open API for 3rd party apps. It utilizes distributed sentiment analysis and AI algorithms to create a Real-Time crowd wisdom ecosystem and sophisticated business intelligence analytics. Senno will revolutionize the way decision making is made in the business and private sector.


Key Features

  • Senno Sentiment analysis AI

    Sentiment analysis AI


    User generated data will be collected from various sources (Social networks, Forums, instant messaging platform and more) and processed Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) instantly allowing immediate reaction to live trends. Senno's Machine learning algorithms will be able to optimize accuracy as the network grows.

  • Decentralized



    Senno is a decentralized open source and transparent ecomony which is based on the NEO blockchain. Using distributed hardware and smart contracts Senno will enable anyone to contribute their computing power or development skills to support the network and get rewarded with SENNO tokens.

  • Senno B2B SDK

    B2B SDK


    The Senno B2B SDK allows third parties to connect via API to the Senno network and enable the implementation and use of sentiment analysis functions both on the platform level and the app level, providing end users with accurate sentiment data in real time.


How it works?


How senno works


The SENNO Token Ecosystem

Senno was designed to efficiently popularize data stored on a decentralized environment and oversee the integrity of the information using blockchain smart contracts. The heart of Senno Network is the SennoCore which serves as a bridge between the off-chain world of non blockchain applications and the on-chain smart contracts which are executed on the NEO blockchain.

The SENNO Token Ecosystem




Senno will introduce web and mobile applications which will provide access to its main features:

  • Wallet for holding and transferring NEP-5 based SENNO tokens.
  • Management of hardware resource Contribution to the Senno network.
  • Marketplace for developers which lets them offer new features and plugins for the network and earn SEN.
  • Applications market (SennoApps) will enable searching and downloading 3rd party applications which are based on Senno’s SDK.

Senno Client

Senno Cryptoscanner

The First implementation of the Senno SDK on the platform is in the form of a Real time Cryptocurrency market trading sentiment analysis app, which will allow receiving accurate Buzz and Mood indicators for every coin in any chosen timeframe. CryptoScanner will be open source and exhibit the implementation of the user side module on the Senno Network, including on-chain access over Neo to Senno smart contracts and access to semantic content, reports and analysis from decentralized cloud storage.







  • Elad Peled


    BlockChain savvy and a serial entrepreneur, Founder of LibraTrade™ Inc, A financial technologies company which developed the world's first Smartphone trading platform in 2008. Served at the elite IDF intelligence unit where he mastered his professional skills.

  • Rudy Zakuto

    Co-Founder and CTO

    Technology and BlockChain Expert with a deep understanding of the BlockChain architecture, development of smart contracts for NEO and consensus algorithms. Over 20 years of hands on development experience with Specialization in online marketing.

  • Lennon Tam

    COO Asia Pacific

    Fintech professional and a blockchain industry leader in Asia Pacific Market, Over 7 years of experience as a wealth manager in the banking industry, Mr Tam is also a certified financial planner and a member of the million dollar round table trade association.

  • Carlos Mantilla Guevara

    Blockchain Development Leader

  • Alexander Volkov

    R&D Manager

  • Kirill Lukianenko

    .Net Developer

  • Tatyana Arkhipova

    .Net Developer

  • Claudia Castañeda

    PR Manager

  • Noa Omer

    Graphic Design

  • Charles C Fly

    Server side Developer

  • Alexey Shaykov

    Frontend Developer

  • Lee Kai

    Community Manager

  • Vladimir Dikusar

    Project Manager

  • Denis Kuliev

    .Net Developer


Advisory Board


  • Ophir Gertner

    founder Stox

    An entrepreneur at heart, Ophir has a strong track record of developing  market-leading products, including blockchain prediction, and  which he co-founded. Chosen as one of the top Blockchain influencers in Israel,  Ophir is renowned in the Blockchain industry and considered as one of the most  sought after advisers for decentralized projects.

  • Dr. Abraham Othman

    Researcher, Wharton

    A visiting faculty member in the Wharton School and was named to Forbes’ “30 under 30”, his writing on smart contracts appeared in the Financial Times. Dr. Othman’s graduated magna cum laude with highest honors in Applied Mathematics from Harvard, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, supported by a Google PhD Fellowship.

  • Frank Bonnet

    Founder DCorp

    Founder and Developer of Dcorp and advisor to several other successful ICOS, Frank comes With a deep understanding of smart contracts development and vast experience in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha. Frank also has nine years of experience designing & building countless enterprise applications and he is Co-founder of "DS Verzekeringen" insurance in the Netherlands. Has a business view and a developer's mind. Experience with developing contracts in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha. Has a business view and a developer's mind.

  • Forest An

    Partner of HDFund China

    MBA of Peking University, B.S. in Computer Science Former Senior Management of Adidas China and Shell China. Managed Boyafund and Alibaba (Riverhill) Fund.

  • Gary Bernstein

    Founder CoTrader

    Tracking blockchain since 2011, and is a crypto investor himself. Gary is the founder and CEO of, he architected CoTrader's use of zk-SNARKs to perform the functionality of private social trading. Gary has over 20 years of RnD experience, from real-time applications to algo-trading and digital assets. He's a serial entrepreneur who's held top technical roles in several ventures.

  • Michael Greenberg

    Founder Finance Magnates

    The Founder and CEO of Finance Magnates, the leading fintech trading B2B news publication and one of the world's premier cryptocurrency news publishers. Finance Magnates group owns Forex Live one of the world's leading FX analytics portals. Michael, a long time crypto enthusiast, serves as an advisor to a number of ICOs as well as being an active investor in the crypto market.

  • Van Yuen

    Financial Advisor

    Working as Corporate Finance Manager for over 10 years and has been tracking Blockchain and crypto currencies since 2015. Van currently manages a TMT portfolio with corporations/MNCs with global listing. He is a well-experienced banker and fascinated with blockchain, Mr Yuan also has a law degree holder and familiar with AML regulations, procedures and due diligence.

  • Dror Yosef

    CDO at Fundbox

    CTO at FundBox and a Data expert with vast experience in data science, data architecture, data pipelines and analytics. Dror loved data from first sight, since he majored a Master’s degree from the Hebrew University focused in Statistics. Mr Yosef has over 13 years of experience in building machine learning models and managing data teams, mostly in finance and digital advertising,

  • Mark van Rijmenam

    Founder Datafloq

    AI, Blockchain and Big Data Expert, author of "Think Bigger" and "Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World". Mark is considered a global top 10 Big Data influencer and one of the most influential Blockchain people.

  • Alexander Chaly

    CTO at Shakuro

    Alexander, CTO at Shakuro, an international digital design and development agency, has more than 12 year experience in IT projects as CTO, Project Manager and Consultant. Mr Chaly has vast experience in building solid technological teams formed of highly talented engineers and he specializes in tuning processes and methodologies to high level performances.

  • Vsevolod Pelipas

    CEO at SolarLab

    Mr Pelipas is the CEO of SolarLab, a Microsoft gold partner which employs more than 70 software engineers, many of which are experienced blockchain experts. Vsevolod has Over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, including over 10 years of software development management. In recent years Vsevolod is mainly focused on blockchain-based solutions for the fintech and regtech verticals.

  • Marc Kenigsberg

    Founder BlockSmarter

    Marc has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013 and has 18 years’ experience in online marketing. He was one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency affiliates and the founder of BlockSmarter and BitcoinChaser. Marc is world famous ICO advisor and works with various ICO’s and blockchain businesses, is a regular speaker at conferences and contributor to industry leading publications.


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